Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Asian Invasion Part 2

Alooooooooooooha! :)

This week was another amazing one! Except that it was even better than normal! We got a baptismal date from our new wonderful like golden of all golden investigators! She is so great. We've been talking with her about baptism and we invited her with a date and she had already been thinking of one! Isn't that wonderful? She is just the greatest!

Now I'm just worried about her because I know how wonderful she is and Heavenly Father knows how wonderful she is, so Satan probably knows the same thing. I'm praying that Heavenly Father will help her through all the obstacles to come. 

Hmm other than that, Sis. Ikegami and I have been having lots of fun! Especially contacting! Haha. We get all kinds of Asian comments it's hilarious. I contacted a lady the other day and begun telling her we were missionaries for our church. And she, who was also Asian, asked if it was an Oriental church! Haha! I kindly had to let her down easy and tell her, "No it isn't, it's a worldwide church!" Haha! I thought I was pretty clever. But she wasn't as interested anymore. Haha! 

Another contacting story, we met a guy the other day outside of the mall from Ethiopia and he's only been in America for about 5 years. It was super cool to talk to him about his beliefs and he started off not wanting to listen to us at all and then as we continued to talk he agreed with us on so much that we taught him the whole Restoration of the Gospel. Sis. Ikegami is just a contacting ninja master. Mostly because she's Japanese but also because she's just really good at contacting! Haha nah... I'm just kidding. But she is really great at contacting. 

So we've just continued to see the amazing miracles that Heavenly Father has in store for His children here and I could've wished for anything better. He really knows best! I hope you all have a great week!

Sis. Ellis-Lui-Kwan

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