Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Asian Invasion!

Alooooooooooooooooooooooooooha! :)

This week was amazing! We had transfers and guess who my new companion is?! She is great. We have been laughing and cracking jokes from day one! This is going to be one amazing companionship. I can just tell! 

We've had a pretty great week so far! We were able to catch some people at home that we weren't able to catch before and we've been able to get in touch with a bunch of people that we have been having a really hard time with before. 

We were talking about it and we have had a pretty diverse week. We talked and taught people from all over the world! Seriously, in the same week. I've contacted/taught people from Russia, Norway, Nazareth, Cameroon, and some other really cool places! Let's see what else...we had all kinds of different service opportunities this week as well from pulling weeds to rhinestone-ing dresses. On a side note, a elderly brother came up to my companion and I in between classes on Sunday and read both our name tags and looked at us and then said, "Are you in the Chinese program?" "No, sorry." "Well, then...Vietnamese." (He was quite sure of it.) And then, we sadly had to break it to him...that we're English speaking sister missionaries and co-cover his ward. Hehe :) Don't worry we broke the news to him gently. I guess I look really different next to my new companion.

Something that was really great was that we got to talk a lot this week about the love that our Heavenly Father has for all of His children. It was great! I feel like it's been this hidden theme throughout my entire mission, which is totally fine with me because it is my favorite thing to talk about or to teach people. We've come in contact with a bunch of different people who have been having a really rough time and it's just the greatest thing when you can tell them that they are not alone and that Heavenly Father loves them! What greater message of hope is there? The love that our Heavenly Father has for us changes lives. It's just great!

This morning, our zone did a hike together and we all got to study our scriptures at the top. The view was gorgeous and it was such a neat experience to be able to be separated from all the city noises and stress.

I am so excited for this coming week! We have quite a few new potential investigators that seem really interested and one who already wants to be baptized! The Lord is truly hastening His work, I'm trying to make sure I can keep up!

Have a wonderful week! Did you guess who my new companion is?

Sis. Ellis-Lui-Kwan
Yup. It's real life. 
Sis. Ikegami's grandparents & Aunty Donna are in Nu'uanu Ward! : )

(Photo Credit: Sis. Ikegami)

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