Monday, July 7, 2014

Ready, Set, Mella! : )

Aloha everyone! :)

This has been another wonderfully hectic week! With meeting our wonderful new mission president and his wife, to teaching all of our wonderful investigators, to helping to prepare for the baptism of one of our investigators this week! Life has just been so much fun!

On Wednesday morning, we had the wonderful opportunity to have a meet and greet with President and Sister Mella. Let me just say... they are AMAZING! I was quite skeptical after knowing how great President and Sister Watkins were but the Mellas are going to do great things. They are so filled with the Spirit and I can't wait to work with them even more. I'm so excited to have this great blessing of being able to have both of the BEST mission presidents and wives there ever were. (Seriously people, it's just fact.) 

The rest of this week has been great! We've been preparing our investigator for baptism and she is just doing wonderfully! She's going to get baptized this Saturday and we are so so excited! She already has such a sweet testimony of the gospel. She was telling us that she thinks the Lord has kept her here this long just so she could learn about the Lord and get to know us! It just melted me heart! :)

In other news, Sis. Christensen and I will be staying companions! :) We made it through the dreaded transfer calls! So I don't have a picture just yet... but we've made a goal to try to take one of us everyday this week! So hopefully we'll end up with one good one by next P-day! Haha!

Also, on Thursday night, we got leadership calls and I'm going to be a Sister Training Leader starting this coming transfer. How scary! I don't know who thought that was going to be a good idea. I'm so nervous. Seriously, we've got some really great sisters in the zone. I have no idea what kind of sister training leader advice-type-thing they think I'm supposed to give, all the sisters have already got it down! Oh man. But it's okay, it'll be great anyways...hopefully. Haha! 

Well, everyone...Have a great week! I love you all! I hope everyone's week is wonderful! Smile at someone, I know from experience it can really brighten someone's day!

Sis. Ellis-Lui-Kwan

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