Monday, July 21, 2014

Ni Fengle

Aloha My Wonderful Family and Friends!

This week has been so totally great! I have met some of the most amazing sisters of Zion in the midst of Babylon. Such a privilege to be around some exceptionally great women! 

It all started with this wonderful sister who fed us on Monday night. She is great! We didn't have a dinner and she offered to feed us! So so kind! We both just felt this overwhelming sense of Heavenly Father's awareness of her and by extension his awareness of us!

Then on Wednesday night, we met a wonderful Recent Convert to the church. She is a single mother, with two children, who has already battled cancer twice and she's not even 40 years old yet! I was just amazed at her faith and her testimony. She was an example to me as she talked about how grateful she is to have the Gospel in her life and to have the knowledge that she does about the Savior because it has strengthened her in everything she's gone through.

On Sunday, we were able to meet with another Recent Convert and she is just amazing and we also had dinner with Pres. Mella and his wife and those two, they are amazing! Sis. Mella is such an example of a great mother who raises her children in righteousness. They are so down to earth and really just make everyone feel really comfortable. I feel like I can really talk to the both of them about anything and everything.

This week has been great. We ended the week teaching three Chinese exchanges students staying with members of one of the wards. It is amazing to see the immediate effect the Gospel and the Spirit can have in someone's life. I'm so grateful for this opportunity to serve!

Have a wonderful week,
Sis. Ellis-Lui-Kwan

P.S. Speaking of another wonderful person. Here's finally a picture of me and Sis. Christensen. 

Also, I figured I should probably explain the Subject line. Sis. Christensen has had lots of Mandarin speaking companions and was teaching me things and the subject line means "you're crazy." So this week we were out contacting and Sis. Christensen and I were speaking in Mandarin to each other and these Chinese ladies popped out of nowhere and were all surprised. It was really funny. It was kind of one of those you have to be there moments.

But in other news, for one of those you don't have to be there moments. Sis. Christensen and I definitely showed up at a part member family's home this week with a huge Italian flag for our member's husband to replace his old one and yelled, "Viva Italia!" He loved it so much he wrapped it around himself and gave us Biscotti and fruits! Haha! It was great! 

The wonderful Sister Christensen

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