Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Another Wonderful Week in LosSaraBell!

Aloha Everyone!

I hope everyone's week is going great! Sis. Esikia and I had a great week! We were able to meet some really interesting people and have some really great lessons.

The big news for this coming week is that Sis. Esikia is leaving....tomorrow. :\ And then President Watkins and Sis. Watkins are leaving by the end of the week. How terrible is that? Man... nobody likes me anymore. Haha nah... I'm just kidding. But really though, everyone's leaving this week and it's kind of a bummer. I'm not really sure what's going to happen to me or who's going to be my new companion but I'm thinking that the new Temple Square sister that is coming to replace Sis. Esikia will be my new companion. At least for the next week and a half until transfers. 

Change is definitely in the air and there is a huge shift happening in the next few weeks. I get a new companion, the Watkins are leaving, the Mellas are coming, but the greatest of all....... our investigator is getting baptized on Wednesday! Whooo hoooooooo! I am so excited for her! I can't say I really did anything because by the time I got to her she was already amazing and completely ready. I just got really lucky to get to meet her at the tail end. But she is so great and she has such a great support system behind her from all the ward members. It is just wonderful to see how many people are asking about her baptism. You know she's loved by the members when everyone else knows more about it than we do! It's so great! 

I am looking forward to this coming week being a great one! So many things happening! We have a quite a few investigators who are doing extremely well. There is really a marvelous work and a wonder occurring here! People are really being prepared all over the place!

A few weeks ago, Sis. Esikia and I were contacting out on Main St. in Campbell. A normal afternoon and we met a bunch of people. One of the people we met was from New Delhi, India. We got to talking with him and invited him to come to church. He took our card but after we invited him to come it seemed like he couldn't get away fast enough. But, we just looked at each other and shrugged and kept on our way. Well, this Sunday, we're standing near the chapel doors (And this Sunday there was like an entire receiving line...everyone wanted to be the door greeters...haha) A man comes through the "receiving line" and says, "Hello" and introduces himself and then we both stop. And I said, "Hey, I remember you!" It was the same man we contacted like 2 weeks ago! It was totally awesome! He was so, so incredibly prepared. He was like a sponge. It was great! The Elders taught Gospel Principles that day and taught him the Restoration of the Gospel and he loved it! He wants to come to everything church related but he's moving back to India by the end of the week so we're hoping to get him into contact with missionaries there. It just goes to show, we're never know who's really prepared. I don't really remember what happened we met him there but it stuck with him for two long weeks enough that he just showed up at church on Sunday! How amazing is that? What a testament to the Lord's work!

I am so glad to have been there at that moment to have met him and to have been there at church to see one of Heavenly Father's children be exactly where He wants them to be. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Sis. Ellis-Lui-Kwan

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