Monday, April 28, 2014

Travel Log of Sis. Ellis :)

Aloha My Wonderful Family and Friends!
I hope everyone's week was great. This week was a hilarious load of crazy. Sis. Young and I are doing great.

Well, this week we had the opportunity to teach a new investigator. She is just great! Our wonderful member had her in her home for us to teach her. It was a golden environment. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and as we were going through she asked a bunch of questions. In the middle of asking her many questions, she begins to apologize for asking so many questions! So cute! I told her please don't apologize, we LOVE questions! I mean, hey, at least we know she's actually paying attention. Sometimes I feel bad because it almost feels like we're interrogating our investigators to get them to say anything. But she was just great!

We also had the opportunity to find and teach another new potential investigator. She is just great as well! We taught her and her two little sons! They are so cute. Her sons bought in their two bunnies named Sprinkles and Cupcake to play with us as we taught them. Too cute!

In other news, I got into a fight with the road. I got kind of scuffed up. But man... you should see the road. I mean I'm just glad it got away when it could. Luckily, one of our members lived nearby and so we walked there and they cleaned me up! :) Haha. They also gave a little ziploc with gauze and tape for my cut dressing pleasure! Go over for help and they send me home with care package. Can't get any better then that! :) Haha!

Well, the work is going great here in the adorable little town of Hollister. We got a new bishop on Sunday, he seems like he is going to be really great! We also got new ward boundaries. So this week was actually full of a lot of things. Including me cracking up laughing as I watched all the drivers ride past me who starred at the bandage on my leg as I rode on my bike up the hill. I think their looks of confusion were better than the sight of me and my craziness.

But I hope everyone's week is great! This week is going to be another amazing one! Two of our investigators are really close to being baptized so we're hoping we can get two solid dates for them! I am so excited!

Sis. Ellis-Lui-Kwan

Think I look bad? You should see the road! Hahaha. Just me & my "care" package.  

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