Monday, November 18, 2013

Being 20.


So now I'm 20. What does it feel like to be 20 you may ask? Well. It feels just about the same as it did to be 19. I'm still a girl. I'm still a missionary. I still live in the basement of my Chinese landlord's home and my primary food is still baked potatoes from the microwave...(Thank you Madison for the potato bag). But there's one word that just makes it great.. "teenagers" Haha. It has a new level of irritation every time I say it! Haha! It's great.

Haha. But really though. Thank you for all the birthday wishes and things! It was a really great birthday! :) One of the YSAs kind of threw me a birthday party and all in all I ended up at the end of the day with half a red velvet cake, brownies, a chocolate bundt cake, and a dozen of these awesome things called "bundtinis" (they're like cupcake verisons of a bundt cake)! It was totally awesome!

But here's the greatest part of the week! Hands down. Sunday! We had four non-members come to church and we had some less-actives come who haven't been in a few years! It was so great! The bishop told us we were the best missionaries in the San Jose mission and I just laughed because even though I would've loved to have been like, "oh yeah that's us." I have no idea how all those people decided to show up! It was great! All these people who we've been inviting for the longest time and have been flat out telling us, no, they don't do church, decided to all show up! It was marvelous. Seriously just amazing! I was so happy! But it gets better! All four of the non-members who came to church want to meet with us! Haha! What? I thought that kind of stuff only happened on The District! :) It was a great end to this week! I have no idea what Sis. Bliss and I have done to receive all of these wonderful tender mercies from the Lord but I want to figure it out real soon so this can keep happening! YAY for people that want to meet with us! WHOOOOOOO! :)

Best. Birthday Present. Ever. 
Sorry everyone...the Lord wins. Hehehe :)
I love you all. Have a great week! 
Sis. Ellis-Lui-Kwan
(pc: Sis. Stevenson's blog)

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