Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Hi everyone!

This week was...well as amazing as ever..big surprise! Haha! But really though this was an exceptionally fantastic week. We had Stake Conference, we went on exchages with some of the sisters, and we had a Mission Conference with Elder Raphael E. Pino of the Seventy.

I can't even believe that October is more than halfway through. This month has just been zooming by I don't even know where to begin with this week! We have been having some major break-throughs with our Burmese investigator. She came to Stake Conference and she liked it. She said she thought it was going to be really boring and long but that it didn't feel long at all! We also found a member who lives in Palo Alto who speaks Burmese but is willing to come for a lesson to help! Such a blessing! Then, another member found Church material for us in Burmese! Tender mercies just pouring out left and right! Talk about not room enough to receive it! Haha! Thank you to whoever paid their tithing! So this week is definitely going to be really exciting to have all the materials in her language, with the exception of the Book of Mormon, and to have a member who can speak Burmese come with us! I am so excited!

So like I mentioned a little earlier. We had a mission tour with Elder Pino and his wife and they are just the sweetest! They spoke in their native language, Spanish, following with the Spirit of General Conference and it was fascinating. They are so inspired and we were so blessed to hear from him in like a double portion. At Stake Conference and at the Mission conference. I really enjoyed all they shared and I loved how Elder Pino talked so much about becoming like a little child and being humble. So great!

Well, I hope you all have an great week! In about a month, we just found out we'll get to hear from Elder Bednar. He's going to speak to the missionaries from our mission and the Oakland/San Francisco mission at the Stake Center next to the Oakland Temple! AMAZING! We're all really excited! Well, until next week...

Sis. Ellis-Lui-Kwan

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