Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Don't Do Unto Others What You Wouldn't Want Them to Do Unto You


So this week was amazing! Sis. Fraser and I almost met every single one of our goals. It was kind of mind-blowingly awesome! :) But this week is going to be even better! The Lord has been blessing us here in the lovely city of Hollister and we are so grateful! One of the wonderful blessings we recieved this week is that I only had to bike up Sunnyslope [aka the street to our house (aka the hill of death)] once. Sis. Fraser is telling me that I'm not explaining this properly because I'm making Sunnyslope sound huge but to use her exact wording she accounts, "it's just a slow incline to our imminent demise." Sooo, take whatever definition you prefer but either way, I think you all get the picture. Haha. But we love every minute of it as we laugh all the way up and down the beautiful, lovely Sunnyslope.

But in other news, we able to have some really great lessons with a bunch of different people. We have a new investigator, this wonderful lady who is 74! She is so awesome! She is so sharp and she wants to join the Peace Corps and if you ask me, I could see it happening and she'd be great! Meeting with her was such a blessing and the Lord has prepared her so much! We were talking with her a little about the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and she started singing, "I Am A Child of God!" Our eyes almost popped out of our heads we were so excited! She is such a wonderful person and I am so grateful to be able to get to know her!
Another wonderful person is this little girl that we teach. She is about 10 years old and I'm not sure if I have mentioned her before but this little girl is amazing! I literally feel honored to just sit in her presence. She has such a strong testimony of the Savior and such a deep understanding of the gospel I forget she's 10 years old. We talked to her about prayer and I felt liked I learned more about prayer from her than I taught her and she's only been investigating the church for about six months. She just needs to get permission to get baptized from one of her parents and so we invited her to pray to have the courage to ask and I know that the Lord will bless her with that.

This week was just full of miracles and it has been a great time with Sis.Fraser and I am so excited for the great things ahead! This Sunday we had a wonderful Sacrament Meeting. One of the speakers talked about the love that our Savior and our Father in Heaven have for us and how if we can each figure out how to love others the way they love us we'll pretty much have this life down. And that's where my subject line comes in... He talked about the golden rule and how maybe we need to do the opposite. Don't do unto others what we wouldn't want them to do unto us. That way even if we haven't fully figured out the love of Father in Heaven has for us we can at least work towards not doing bad things or negative things like judging others. So, that is my goal for this next transfer and I want to invite everyone to do the same. Maybe you aren't at the level of the golden rule just yet, like me, but wherever you are on this path to understanding the love our Father in Heaven has for us I know that if we just try, He will help us.

Well, I love you all a ton! I hope you all have a wonderful week!
Sis. Ellis-Lui-Kwan

Sister Fraser & I

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