Monday, September 9, 2013

Sometimes a week feels like a month.


Hi everyone. I ate a chocolate doughnut today and it was AWESOME! Seriously like the best doughnuts ever. We all need to come back here and eat doughnuts together at this place here called Doughboys. It. Is. Awesome.

Anyways, this week was so great! I feel like we did ten million things. We had this super solid week planned out but as it would happen like every day almost all of our appointments would fall through. Ahhhh. But it's okay. We always somehow turned out to meet one person everyday where I just felt like, "Yes, this is who the Lord needed me to meet today." Haha. The Lord truly works in mysterious ways! 

On Tuesday, we headed out to Livermore and a whole bunch of our appointments feel through and Sis. Bliss and I were feeling very bummed. We prayed about it because we both felt like we shouldn't be in Livermore and so we headed out. We ended up meeting with this wonderful, wonderful member recent convert who was going through a hard time. She is amazing and the strength that she has really inspires me. She was able to get a wonderful priesthood blessing and the Spirit felt so strongly. I am so grateful to have had that wonderful opportunity to have been able to talk with her. On Wednesday, we started exchanges! Except that it wasn't a real exchange because I didn't go anywhere. Our Sister Training Leader just came to join us. It was super weird because this was kind of my first exchange like this because Sis. Johnson was the Sister Training Leader so I couldn't really go on exchanges with my own companion. Haha. On Thursday, a bunch of appointments fell through yet again and Sis. Bliss and I went contacting at the BART station. We had a whole bunch of meaningful contacts and passed out four copies of the Book of Mormon in like 45 minutes! It was amazing. We even passed one out to a guy who only spoke Spanish. Haha that one involved lots of pointing and gesturing. But as we were driving away we saw him reading it! So awesome!

Saturday, however turned out to be awesome! One of our investigators who identifies himself as an atheist, prayed. With us. In the middle of a park. What a tender mercy from the Lord! We taught him about God's Plan for each of us, or the Plan of Salvation! It gave him a lot to think about and he still wants to meet with us next week! Whooo! 

Every time I teach, my testimony is strengthened even more. I feel like I continually realize how much the Lord loves us! How lucky we are that this omnipotent, awe-inspiring God loves us as awkward and random as we may be. Haha. Because as we all know I definitely more than fall into the "awkward and random" category. I am so grateful to be here for another wonderful week! 

I hope you all have a great week! I love you all so much!

Sis. Ellis-Lui-Kwan 

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